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How to Calculate Pips on BTC/USD – AZ Guide!

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As a Forex trader, you will probably deal with different currency pairs, and it is important to learn what dice are and how to count them. Today we focus on BTC/USD, but the same information usually applies to other cryptocurrencies and USD cross pairs.

One Forex pip is the smallest possible price change a currency pair can make. Generally, one pip for currency pairs is 0.0001. It is calculated by looking at the last number after the decimal point, and most pairs focus on the last four decimal places. So the smallest change would be one percent.

However, when you trade Japanese yen, gold/silver or cryptocurrency, one pip is only 0.01. So if the BTC/USD price is at 1.23, three to the second decimal place represents three pips.

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When measuring pips for BTC/USD, it is important to understand the type of lot size you are working with. You also need to know the pip value. But you learned that earlier. The pip value for one BTC/USD unit is $0.01. Therefore, in a standard lot of 100,000 units, the pip measurement is $1,000. This will be reduced to $100 for mini lots (10,000 units) and $10 for micro lots (1,000 units).

Traditionally, pip values ​​remain the same when trading the USD currency and another pair. However, Bitcoin fluctuates, so the current market rate will change over time. Therefore, you should calculate the pip value using this formula: The pip value is equal to one pip divided by the exchange rate multiplied by the lot size.

Overall, it depends on how many BTC units are in one lot. If one lot contains 10 units of BTC, the pip is $0.10. However, if one lot contains 100 units of BTC, one pip would be $1.

You can also look at it like this:

At a volume of 1 BTC, one pip equals $0.1. For every dollar move in the pair, you see a jump of 10 pips.

With a pip size of 0.01, a bitcoin price of 111.54169, and a standard lot size, you would have this formula: (0.01 / 111.54169) * 100,000, which equals a pip value of $8.97.

It’s often wise to use a pip calculator to determine your pip value, as human error can mess things up significantly. For example, if you used the wrong bitcoin price, you make money Forex trades with incorrect information. This can lead to significant losses instead of profits.

You calculate pips for BTC/USD by knowing the pip change and checking the numbers. Since one pip change for this pair is 0.01, you need to look at the second (last) number after the decimal point to see how many pips you have. For example, if things started at 1.00 and moved to 1.03, you have three stones.

Forex trading is often perceived as complicated because there are so many formulas and calculations. However, as you continue to practice it will get easier and you can even find pip calculators to help you find pip values ​​and much more.

How do bitcoin coins work?

Pips are still units that measure bitcoin price movement, and still focuses on a single-digit price movement from a specific level. Usually, cryptocurrencies are traded at the dollar level, so a change from $190.01 to $190.02 means one pip.

How do you calculate Pip in Cryptocurrencies?

In cryptocurrencies, you count pips just like Japanese yen. It uses two decimal places instead of the traditional four. Likewise, you need to know the current price of the cryptocurrency you are counting pips for to get accurate information.

Let’s say the price of Bitcoin is 111.54169 and the pip size for BTC/USD is 0.01. If you have a standard (100,000 units) lot size, you would have 0.0000897 pips or a pip value of $8.97.

Are there gems in cryptocurrencies?

Yes. A pip is still a unit of measure that shows price movement. In this case, it is a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Some systems use a dollar level, which means the price would move from $190 to $191. However, brokers and forex trading platforms often use a 0.01 pip size so you would see a one pip change as 1.20 to 1.21.

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