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Starbucks Bitcoin Revolution Review

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How Two Former Starbucks Employees Now Earn over $40,000 a Month!!!

In the winter of 2018, Jonathan Diener and Christopher Guillebeau, now 28 and 32, were full-time Starbuck Baristas, each making $38,000 a year. Jonathan worked around 50 hours a week, and Christopher roughly the same. Both were graduates from the University of Ottawa.

“I had over $50,000 in student debt and I found myself wondering everyday how I came to work at a Starbucks with a $250,000 education. Christopher and I were putting in 12-14 hour days and that doesn’t include the cleaning up after hours and time spent on scheduling and staff meetings. We were growing thin”.

Both colleagues were two peas in the same pod, graduated from the University of Ottawa with mounting debt and very little opportunity to grow in the corporate chain at Starbucks. So they began to discuss and brainstorm during work shifts, ways of escaping the 9 to 5 lifestyle and making an online business that could thrive.

“It only made sense to look for ways to make money online, says Christopher. “I had friends from university who were making money online already. I never knew exactly what they were doing but it seemed to be legitimate; they were always vacationing, dining out during work hours, and partying — so I said to Jonathan, “Let’s give it a try what do we have to lose?”

That’s when they discovered Bitcoin Revolution through an old university friend, the automated trading system that trades on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies . What’s even more interesting about Bitcoin Revolution is that you can invest in a wide range of assets such as Stocks & Currencies.

Created by former Goldman Sachs employees who saw an opportunity in the new cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Revolution is the product of years of finance and technology experience. They decided to create an automated system that would trade on behalf of it’s users, so that even those without experience in trading could take part.

“As most people interested in the latest craze of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Christopher and I were absolutely thrilled to discover the earnings that Bitcoin Revolution members were generating simply by using this simple automatic software. That’s when we thought, we really need to try this!” says Jonathan.

“The first money we made was 45 cents, recalls Christopher. “It was our first day of using the platform and we received a notification that one of the trades the system had placed automatically had won. We checked our account and saw the profit and started jumping up and down like we had won the jackpot. I know 45 cents is nothing to get excited about but I think we were happier at the fact that we discovered a simple way to make money online, a proven concept, that just needed more time to grow”.

In one month, our online business brought in over $46,000. It was a Starbucks employee one year salary…in less than a month”

One month later, Jonathan and Christopher had their first ever five-figure month, earning around $23,000 each. “It was a starbucks employee one year salary in less than one month. We spent less than half an hour setting up the system and were guided through the entire process by an Account Manager. It’s passive income on steroids,” says Jonathan.

The Starbucks employees had a very difficult decision to make, whether or not to give up their weekly paychecks and stable job in order to focus on a new online business that was barely two months old. As Christopher puts it, “We thought, if we can make a year’s salary in a little as a month – without even committing more than a couple hours a day – imagine what we could do if we were all in?” They took the long leap.

That risky decision definitely paid off. The entrepreneur team of two now works full time on Bitcoin Revolution from a home office, collecting the profits pouring in from the system. “The past 3 months have been great, we’ve earned $89,000 in revenue and we are looking to double that next month as we plan to scale our budget to invest more”, says Jonathan.

As Bitcoin Revolution continues to grow, serial investors and Shark Tank personalities such as Mark Cuban are beginning to take notice; announcing last week a tentative $7 million injection in Bitcoin Revolution in exchange for equity and shares.

With over 250,000 active members and growing, Bitcoin Revolution is the fastest growing online trading system. Here is how Johnathan and Chris got started.

Is Bitcoin Revolution for beginners?

Jonathan: I feel like my answer is going to need a little more context. Michael and I have tested every trading platform you can think of. We found many of them to be too complicated and worse, not credible. Bitcoin Revolution is the best option because it is a fully automatic system and you have a dedicated Account Manager. They are also federally regulated and have implemented rigorous security measures. They are the best in the game –in short– that’s why we use them.

What is your advice to anyone thinking of trading?

Christopher: Just do it. People waste their money on useless things when they could be investing into opportunities that could really pay off. I know some people who spend over $500 on a hobby every month but won’t commit the same to creating financial opportunities.

What is the quickest way to get started?

Christopher: Follow our steps and find a number that you are comfortable investing. Remember, the concept is to dip your toes in first, not dive in. We started with $3000 because we went all in. I would suggest starting with the minimum investment of $250. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

How do you sign up?

Christopher: You can sign up in less than a minute. I recommend going to the website Bitcoin Revolution and creating an account. They have a 24/7 support team that can answer all your questions and walk you through the process.

  1. Create an account
  2. Join our Facebook Group
  3. Connect your bank account
  4. Withdraw your daily earnings

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